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They are built for work in kitchens or other food preparation areas bathrooms or lavatories and workrooms in general", "sameAs": [ "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Countertop", "https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q599007", "https://www.google.com/search?kgmid=/m/0b3fp9" ] }, { "@type": "Thing", "name": "Budget", "description": "A budget is a calculation plan usually but not always financial for a defined period often one year or a month. 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10+ Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas For Your Next DIY Kitchen Makeover

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Building your dream kitchen does not have to be a hassle. With these kitchen cabinet hardware ideas, you will surely achieve the best results.

10+ Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas For Your Next DIY Kitchen Makeover

What does your ideal kitchen look like?

Do you remember watching lifestyle television channels and marveling at their beautiful kitchens? You have probably spent your lazy Sunday afternoons in the living room watching TV, admiring their intricately-detailed cabinets.

You’ve also been saving pictures of your dream dainty kitchen from your mom’s magazines. I want those too when I grow up, you used to think to yourself.

Now, these inspirations have expanded on to digital platforms. Admit it, you probably have a Pinterest board full of future kitchen ideas.

However, you have your own hesitations. Renovating your kitchen on your own seems like a lot of work to do. Are you afraid that achieving your dream kitchen may break your bank?

It doesn’t have to remain that way! Do you know that you could totally DIY your own kitchen?

The average kitchen renovation may cost $25,00, and the most pricey elements are usually the kitchen cabinets.

However, if you play your cards right, you will be successful in revamping your kitchen at a price range within your budget.

To get you started, we suggest that you begin with redecorating your kitchen cabinets.

If you are looking for ways to makeover your kitchen cabinet without getting your hands all dirty, you may begin with updating your cabinet hardware.

Without further ado, here are do-it-yourself kitchen cabinet hardware ideas to help you achieve your dream kitchen this 2021.

First things first: Let’s paint your cabinets!

Before going through your kitchen cabinet hardware ideas, the first step in sprucing up your cabinets is repainting them. This is where you decide the overall feel of your kitchen.

Your cabinets are the bulk of your kitchen space, so they set the tone of the room. If you’ve hit a wall and are undecided on what to paint your kitchen cabinets,

here are three classic ideas for you to start with!

  • White, Cream, and other Off-White Variants

White and its variations are very sophisticated and versatile kitchen cabinet colors. They give the cabinets a sense of crisp classiness.

Since these are bright colors, white kitchen cabinets light up the room and give the kitchen the illusion of bigger space.

Also, since white goes well with anything, you can pull off all your kitchen cabinet hardware ideas with it.

Because of the contrast that you have established, the details in your kitchen cabinet hardware ideas will surely pop.

  • Sage Green

Sage green has been all the rage in social media right now. It’s a trend that is very hard to miss. Sage green falls between neutral and bold colors.

It offers a very calming yet very impactful feel. Moreover, sage green is easy to incorporate in any style, which will help you pull off your kitchen cabinet hardware ideas.

Sage green works with modern kitchen styles, Scandinavian kitchen styles, industrial kitchen styles — basically any style that you are going for.

  • Black

We can’t publish a list of cabinet color suggestions and simply leave out the color black. Black is a bold, elegant color.

Having black kitchen cabinets would immediately send a message to your guest. Black gives off a chic, sleek, and modern vibe.

Definitely, black will go well with any kitchen cabinet hardware ideas that you want to recreate.

How do I choose the right kitchen cabinet hardware?

Your kitchen cabinet’s hardware ideas must go well with your cabinet. Your hardware may blend and match your selected color.

But, you may also go for hardware that contrasts and complements your kitchen cabinet. To give you a guide, you may want to go for a certain style.

As said, the kitchen cabinet hardware you select must either match or complement your installed cabinets. You may want to go for kitchen themes, which we will discuss more on later.

  • Maintain cohesive finishes all throughout your hardware

Next, your kitchen hardware must adapt cohesive finishes. You may mix and match varying finishes, but this has its cons.

For example, you broke a specific cabinet knob and you need to replace it. If you bought your knobs from different stores, you may encounter difficulties in repurchasing a specific knob finish.

Therefore, keeping the hardware finishes as coherent as you can be your best bet.

  • Consider all the other things in your kitchen

You must also consider the other installations and appliances in your kitchen. You have to ask yourself, do my kitchen cabinets hardware ideas go together with the rest of my kitchen?

You have to take note of your kitchen sink, kitchen faucet, countertops, light installations, and other appliances.

Do they go with the vibe of the kitchen cabinets hardware ideas you are going for?

Preventing style clashes in your kitchen is essential in preserving the feel of the room.

  • Be very critical of hardware quality

Finally, you must be very critical of the cabinet hardware you purchase. They must be of excellent quality. You cannot achieve your kitchen cabinets hardware ideas if you purchase subpar materials.

A lot of owners prioritize the look and the aesthetic of the hardware they choose. While this is important, you also have to put supreme importance on quality.

At the end of the day, the kitchen is where you do all the dirty work and you need durable hardware.

These steps are fundamental in building your ideal kitchen. Once you memorize these pointers by the heart, you can never go wrong.

Now, you are ready to materialize your ideas and bring them to life! If you want further inspiration, here are 10 DIY kitchen cabinets hardware ideas.

  • Contemporary metal hardware

Contemporary metal hardware will give your kitchen an elegant yet sophisticated feel.

Kitchen cabinets hardware ideas with contemporary metal carry a softer, rounder feel in comparison to modern design.

  • Vintage knobs and pulls

You can purchase vintage knobs and pulls from antique shops and thrift stores.

These knobs are types of hardware that can take you back in time. These will surely give your kitchen a more old vintage feel.

  • Rustic Hardware

Rustic hardware will help you achieve a country vibe in your kitchen, even if you are in the middle of a big city.

Knobs and pulls with a rustic feel may give you a heartwarming sense of nostalgia if you were raised in the countryside.

  • Porcelain hardware

Porcelain hardware looks delicate and expensive. If you want to pull off this type of vibe, you may go for porcelain knobs and pulls and install them in your kitchen cabinets.

Porcelain hardware also goes well with a bold-colored kitchen cabinet since these porcelain knobs are often white.

  • Traditional hardware

You can never go wrong with traditional hardware. This type of hardware is very effortless to match with the rest of your kitchen in comparison compared to other styles.

However, for optimal results, traditional knobs and pulls will work seamlessly with mahogany countertops. Also, they really go well with ivory cabinets.

  • Scalloped details

To give your kitchen its own character and uniqueness, you can incorporate scalloped details in your cabinet hardware.

These details will make your kitchen feel fun, energetic, and lively. Scalloped detailing goes well with bold-colored cabinets.

  • Bold-colored hardware

If you want to express your fun personality through your kitchen cabinets, you may do so with bold-colored hardware! Knobs and pulls with bold colors are always fun and exciting.

You may go with bright reds, oranges, purples, greens, or any color that you could think of —there is no limit! Just make sure that they go well with your kitchen cabinets’ colors.

  • Gold Finish

Nothing says classy kitchen more than gold hardware. If you want your kitchen to have an expensive feel without overstating details, go for a gold finish.

Gold finishes work best with matte white or black cabinets.

  • Flat Matte Black

Flat matte black hardware gives off a very modern, minimalistic vibe. This hardware style is for no-nonsense kitchen owners.

Flat matte black knobs and pulls are as bold and impactful as they are simple. These work best with satin paint finish kitchen cabinets.

  • Custom Hardware

If none of these hardware styles work for you, don’t fret! You may always design your cabinet hardware according to your own taste and preference.

Work with experts to help you conceptualize your DIY custom hardware.

Bring your kitchen cabinets hardware ideas to life

Your kitchen cabinet hardware ideas need not exist only in your Pinterest boards. Now, with your knowledge, you may achieve them and build your very own dream kitchen.

Why don’t you visit your local hardware store and look for the necessary materials today?

Good luck on your DIY journey!


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