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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware 101 | Redecorate, Refurbish & Revamp

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The tiniest details can make or break an ensemble. When you want to revamp your kitchen, what do you do? You redecorate and refurbished. Updating your kitchen cabinet hardware will help revitalize your kitchen and look brand spanking new.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware 101 | Redecorate, Refurbish & Revamp

Accessories elevate even the most simple outfit. Putting on gold hoops and a chain necklace will surely spice up your basic shirt and jeans.

Accessories have the power to add a delightful twist to your look. For example, wearing a gold watch and carrying a dark leather back will instantly make you look more classy.

The thing is, accessorizing is not limited to your clothes. Have you ever felt like something was missing about the feel of a room, for instance, your kitchen?

Does it feel a little too dull and a bit too drab? Does it not match your personality, and does it feel disjointed from the rest of your house?

Sometimes, we accidentally overlook the design of the kitchen. This may be because we are so focused on the functionality of the room.

For us, the kitchen is merely for cooking and preparing food. More often than not, we forget that the kitchen is also a room in the house.

The kitchen is also a part of our living area. It also has to be decorated and customized to make it feel like home. You may have wanted to accessorize your kitchen before, but you did not know where to start.

Well, you have come to the right place! I am telling you right now: the easiest way to level up your kitchen is through your kitchen cabinet hardware.

Kitchen cabinets are usually the first thing you see when you enter the kitchen, and there are so many ways to pep up their vibe.

Wait, do not leave yet! You still have a lot to learn; informed decisions are the best decisions. Here are the basics before you go to Google and search kitchen cabinet hardware near me.

What are the types of kitchen cabinet hardware?

Usually, kitchen cabinets do not come with hardware. They are commonly installed bare, and it is up to the owner to upgrade and customize them.

The owners will then have to install fixtures and trinkets to their cabinets according to their own taste. These pieces of hardware may be functional, and some may just be for aesthetic purposes.

Cabinet hardware fixtures are knobs, pulls, cutouts, hinges, latches, and catches.

  • Knobs

The knob is the most basic cabinet hardware. These are the fixtures that you hold on to when you open or close your cabinets.

Nowadays, cabinet knobs come in various materials such as wood, plastic, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and zinc. Cabinet knobs may also be customized according to your preference.

You have to consider the color and the type of your cabinet before selecting your kitchen knobs. It is necessary to ensure that the knobs match the feel of the cabinets.

Furthermore, aside from their aesthetic, knobs are designed for ease of use. For example, you must avoid knobs with sharp edges to protect yourself from accidents.

  • Pulls

The pull is another type of customary kitchen cabinet hardware. These are usually attached with the help of two or more screws. Similar to the kitchen cabinet knob, cabinet pulls are also produced in various materials.

Pulls come in different shapes and sizes. Cabinet pulls must also be selected according to the whole vibe of the kitchen and the cabinets.

However, some rules are meant to be broken. Sometimes, it is better to explore and go out of your comfort zone.

Quirky and eccentric pull designs may be installed in undecorated cabinets to give your kitchen a pop of life.

  • Cut-outs

Lastly, holes or notches on the cabinet door are another favored way to open kitchen cabinets.

Opening cabinets with these do not involve the use of conventional knobs or pulls. Instead, these are installed within the cabinetry for you to hold when opening cabinets.

Opening holes or notches can be found in custom minimalist cabinets. Moreover, these may be employed to save money when the budget is tight.

These types of hardware are convenient for users who do not want to spend on knobs or pulls.

  • Hinges

Hinges are designed to support the cabinet doors. Hinges are installed to allow cabinet doors to swing open. These come in various types and finishes.

Cabinet hinges also have several unique features that alter their functionality. For example, if you want your kitchen cabinet to be able to close on its own, you may install a self-closing hinge.

If you want your kitchen cabinet doors to withstand strong forces, purchase a heavy-duty hinge.

  • Catches and Latches

Cabinet catches and latches are the exact opposite of hinges. When hinges are installed to allow cabinets to open, these types of kitchen cabinet hardware keep the doors closed.

Catches comprise two-piece assemblies. They are concealed inside the cabinet using magnets or mechanics. On the other hand, latches are variations of cabinet catches.

Latches may also be push-operated or magnetic.

Finding Appropriate Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Near Me?

As said, the kitchen cabinet hardware you select must either match or complement your installed cabinets. You may want to go for kitchen themes.

For example, if your kitchen’s theme adapts to a French country style, antique hardware may work the best with it.

Modern and contemporary kitchens work best with smooth, tubular pulls. Moreover, smooth and basic handles are the best for conventional cabinets.

Always remember to maintain cohesive finishes. Coordinating and blending kitchen cabinet hardware is fine, but it has its drawbacks.

Sometimes, you may need to replace these fixtures. If you bought all your cabinet hardware from different stores, you may experience difficulties looking for them again.

Thus, keeping the colors as coherent as possible and preserving the same finish is the wisest choice.

Choosing between knobs or pulls may be overwhelming. In most cases, knobs are better than pulls because they are more versatile.

Always remember that finely detailed kitchen cabinets work better with knobs. Since knobs are less complicated, they do not take the attention away from the cabinets’ design.

Moreover, you must be mindful of the appliances and installations in your kitchen. Consider light installations, appliance finishes, the kitchen faucet, and the sink.

Metal finishes must always go together. Mixing metal finishes may be stylish at times, but these easily go out of trend and may seem exaggerated.

Prevent color clashes in your kitchen to maintain cohesiveness. The beauty of your cabinets must still stand out.

The quality of cabinet hardware must always be excellent. Some kitchen owners put so much importance on the look and aesthetic that they seem to disregard quality.

Your kitchen is where you do all the dirty work. Your hardware must be easy to operate, stable, and durable.

In some cases, it helps to think outside of the box. It is okay to break rules and choose something that does not conform to the usual standards.

Regular kitchen cabinet hardware near me usually comes in bronze, brushed nickel, and gunmetal finishes. Adding imaginative touches to the kitchen through mirrored hardware or glass will be exceptional.

Where can I find kitchen cabinet hardware near me, you may ask yourself.

Usually, these can be found in local hardware and department stores. You may also contact experts to customize your hardware.

However, to shop in the comforts of my home, I personally look for kitchen cabinet hardware near me through the internet.

Buying online is very easy and convenient.

Is This a New Trend? Kitchen Cabinets with No Hardware!

A new trend has emerged in the world of interior design: Kitchen cabinets with no hardware employ a clean, seamless design.

Nothing is more minimal than having no hardware in your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets with no hardware wear no jewelry but are still as sophisticated and as classy.

This clean look is inspired by the emerging minimalistic trend of the new decade. Kitchen cabinets with no hardware would have the same material for the pulls as the one used for the door itself.

Panels are usually flat and seamless. This look achieves effortless minimalism, making the design very impactful.

Are You Ready for a Brand New Kitchen?

Equipped with your new knowledge, you may now upgrade your kitchen effortlessly. Make sure to keep all pointers in mind to achieve optimal results.

Follow the simple rules, but remember to think outside the box and break them from time to time.

Good luck with your kitchen redecorating project!


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