Remodeling Guideline to Kitchen Cabinet Stain Colors On Oak

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One of the most durable kitchen cabinets you can find are oak cabinets. In this article, we will show how you can stain your cabinets and what are the best kitchen cabinet stain colors on oak.

Remodeling Guideline to Kitchen Cabinet Stain Colors On Oak

However, oak cabinets become discolored or scratched over time. These kitchen cabinets can also be stained with various interiors and the best thing you can do is to stain them.

Remodeling Guideline to Kitchen Cabinet Stain Colors On Oak

Oak looks good with any stain colors due to its strong grain pattern and it has open pores that can absorb the color. The only thing you need to do is choose a good stain color that matches the existing stain or a darker color.

Here’s a guide on how to apply kitchen cabinet stain colors on oak furniture.

  • Pick the Suitable Type and Color of the Paint

There are specific kitchen cabinet stain colors on maple and oak. It is necessary that you find a paint formula that suits your cabinetry.

Plus, you should also consider the theme and vibe of the kitchen in picking colors for the cabinets. Another thing to consider is the wall color and size of the space.

Color can make a difference in terms of widening and narrowing a space.

  • Detach the Cabinet Hardware

Remove the hinges, pulls, and knobs attached to the kitchen cabinet. Painting on a clean slate ensures that you apply the kitchen cabinet stain colors on oak or kitchen cabinet stain colors on maple evenly.

By doing this, you can also reach and cover the cabinet with paint.

  • Prepare the Necessary Materials

Know what are materials needed including the kitchen cabinet stain colors on oak, whether you are painting through brush, roller, or spray tools.

Make sure to purchase high-quality materials and equipment for optimal results. It would be less hassle if the materials and tools are available and accessible.

  • Sand Cabinet Faces with a Sandpaper

What you want to achieve in sanding is a smooth surface. Through this process, the kitchen cabinet stain colors on oak will be fully absorbed by the wood.

After sanding the cabinet with sandpaper, clean the dust from sanding. Sanding is a must-do process to ensure that the paint will be absorbed by the wood.

  • Conceal the Grain

You might be wondering how oak furniture can be flat. What you can do is conceal the grains by filling in or applying a thin layer of wood grain filler.

You need to use a tool to spread the filler. Some don’t conceal the grain to maintain its wood texture.

However, if you want a smooth and glossy sheen for your kitchen cabinets, then you must hide the grains.

  • Apply an Oil-based Primer

Nowadays, there are paints with primer in it. And some people opt to use these kitchen cabinet stain colors on oak because it minimizes their time.

But priming can transform your cabinet’s finish through this process. It can give you a solid and stable surface. Plus, it can cover the past paints entirely.

We highly recommend utilizing an oil-based primer. Oak or maple woods have tannin, which is an orange-brown oil.

Tannin can adversely affect the kitchen cabinet stain on oak you will apply. This would result in discoloration of your finished product.

  • Apply the Paint in Light Coats or Use A Spray Paint

What are the benefits of applying thin layers of light coats of kitchen cabinet stain colors on maple or oak?

  • It prevents the paint from dripping to other surfaces.
  • It ensures that you cover the cabinet surfaces evenly.
  • It prevents repainting over again because of the uneven coats.

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Stain Colors On Oak

Picking the right stain can bring your tired kitchen back to life. This process can also make your outdated kitchen with oak cabinets feel refreshing through modern updates.

During the 90s, oak cabinets were trendy. However, the orangey finish from oak cabinets looks outdated. So our suggestion, give it a new look and paint it.

  • Sherwin Williams Rainwashed SW 6211

If you are aiming for a cool-themed kitchen, Sherwin Williams Rainwashed kitchen cabinet stain color on oak has an aesthetic bluish-green color.

The light gray undertone of this paint diminishes the brightness of blue and green stains. The diverse mixture of colors in Rainwashed can cancel out the orange hues from the oak or maple.

Additionally, it complements cream and white paints.

  • Farrow and Ball Down Pipe No. 26

This paint is durable, reliable, and long-lasting. Farrow and Ball Down Pipe No. 26 provides a dark and cool vibe to your kitchen due to its rich shade of gray.

The blue stain added depth to the finish. Plus, it works well on furniture made from oak and maple. On top of that, it is eco-friendly and safe for children.

  • Sherwin Williams: Charcoal Blue SW2739

Another kitchen cabinet stain color on maple and oak that works is dark and deep blue. This Charcoal Blue from Sherwin Williams is navy blue.

This color can cover the natural color of oak and maple woods. Charcoal Blue is a dark shade that requires natural light.

It also looks good in a kitchen with a high ceiling and tons of light. Steer away from this type and shade of paint if your kitchen does not have windows

  • Vine Ripened Tomato by Magnolia Home

If you are looking for a farmhouse style of kitchen, then this tomato red color helps you achieve it.

Vine Ripened Tomatonoaint adds drama to your cooking space. It also works well on oak and maple wood cabinets.

You can consider integrating a wood slat backsplash or soapstone countertops to match your red painted cabinets. Ensure to have natural lighting to brighten the space.

  • Farrow and Ball Breakfast Room No. 38

This shade of green from Farrow and Ball can give your cooking space a cheerful and vibrant morning vibe. This Breakfast Room Room No. 3 coordinates well with woodworks.

One more thing, this color makes your kitchen space dynamic and a bit dramatic. It also adds a warm and calming vibe.

Plus, these kitchen cabinet stain colors on maple work great with wood furniture.

Transforming Your Oak Kitchen Cabinets

If you are getting tired of your oak or maple cabinets, give the painting a try. It would be much more expensive to buy a new set of kitchen cabinets than to repaint them.

They can be stained in many different colors, but the best kitchen cabinet stain colors on oak are usually earthy tones like a dark walnut or light cedar

Although it takes time, proper sanding, hiding of grain, and painting can give you your desired results.

Explore more colors and do your research on which type of paint matches these cabinetries.

Invest in high-quality kitchen cabinet stain colors on oak and painting tools because it can help you deliver quick and beautiful finished products.

Give your kitchen a modern update and trendy style to make it more welcoming and refreshing.

Hopefully, by following the steps mentioned above, you can transform your old kitchen cabinets.


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