Kitchen Cabinet for Storage | Must-Know Before Buying

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The kitchen is the toughest workspace in your house, no doubt. It’s a chock-full room with several types of kitchen cabinets for storage that could accommodate all sorts of operation (or open shelving).

Kitchen Cabinet for Storage | Must-Know Before Buying

Your kitchen needs to house what you’re going to prepare, and what you’re going to cook with. On top of that, you also need to have space and productivity to do all that cooking.

Make sure that the overall kitchen look makes you relaxed while eating. And after it is said and done, clean up the kitchen.

An organized place in your kitchen changes the ambiance and your mood, making it more delightful to cook foods.

Features that Kitchen Cabinet for Storage Must Have

Most of the time, people only look forward to the new design of a remodeled kitchen. But, one of the interesting things you should also check out for your kitchen is the storage.

Yes, all kitchens have installed cabinets. However, not every kitchen gave strategic and smart storage to maximize the space. Also, the kitchen’s flow will be more effective and organized.

Shelves and Drawers

Layout your kitchen cabinet as a drawer or shelves, it will give you additional benefits such as maximizing the spaces and efficient kitchen cabinet for storage.

Check out some of the pros in choosing shelves and drawers in your kitchen:

  • Flexible Storage: You can store almost everything in a kitchen cabinet for storage if it has integrated drawers. Perfect to use in the kitchen, you can easily figure out where to put things, especially those small tools.
    You can arrange it in different ways: stacked three or four drawers together, and use a cabinet as a base. Make sure that the base or the lower cabinet is big and strong enough to support the remaining three drawers above.
    The two cabinets in the middle must also be bigger than what is on top. It will be successful that way.

In general, the top drawers can be used to store the utensils, silverware, and other small stuff found in the kitchen.

While bigger drawers in kitchen cabinet storage are utilized for larger objects such as pots and pans, lids, plastics ware, small appliances such as an oven, baking/cooking sheet, dishes or it can be used as a peg system, or for food.

  • Easy-to-operate Storage: You will be fascinated by how one or a couple of motions can speed up your favorite cooking routine!
    A simple movement, just pulling the drawer instead of opening the door of your cabinet or rolling it out can take up too much effort and time.
    You can easily have access inside the drawer in your kitchen cabinet for storage while doing something, and everything will be visible. No need to reach out inside and blindly reach what you need.

Spice Pullout

For those people who love cooking, definitely remember and organize everything in the kitchen cabinet for storage.

Especially the most important ingredient that gives life and taste to their food – spices. They love to collect and treasure these spices so much.

A drawer can be a good option for them to arrange and organize each seasoning.

Drawers are highly recommended to store spices rather than putting them above the shelf because shelves have blind spots and small spaces.

Vertical Partition

Cutting boards, muffin tins, baking pan, cookie sheets, platters, large lids, pie dishes, and even cooling racks are hard to find a good place to store in the kitchen cabinet for storage.

Vertical partitions are extremely helpful for the mentioned items to hold them out.

What is better about this? It can be customized based on your demand, it will let you configure where to put things in the most efficient way.

Trash and Recycle Drawer

Are you looking for a kitchen cabinet for storage where you can put your kitchen waste? The pull-out kitchen cabinet storage is designed for that specific function!

It can hold two waste receptacles inside. You can easily dispose of your kitchen trash and waste through these installed trash drawers.

It is highly recommended to put a pull-out trash unit inside your drawer, it enables you to have more storage and spaces. With that, it becomes the most requested item to have in your kitchen!

The most practical way to hide and store your trash. Additionally, it is easier to operate, just pull the drawer! The ideal space inside your trash or recycle drawer is 18” or 21”.

It can accommodate two bins, one for the trash and the other for the recycled item. It will also help your kitchen look cleaner by hiding the trash inside.

Are you thinking of remodeling your pantry kitchen cabinet storage?

Do not forget to layout the hottest style for the kitchen pantry. Putting a drawer for your pantry makes it more organized. Do not let cans and jars ruin your pantry.

Put those – dry goods, jars, and cans inside your drawer to minimize and prevent the messy look. It will also boost your storage.

There are a variety of different pantry styles available:

  • Roll-Out Pantry: Perfect kitchen cabinet storage for perishable food. It is the most convenient pantry cabinet, you can easily have access to your food and it also heightened the versatility of your kitchen.
  • Pull Out Pantry: This pantry kitchen cabinet for storage has a full height, it is customized to easily pull out your pantry. It can also be positioned near your appliances, it will maximize your storage for your cookware and food.
  • Chef’s Pantry: Usually, a chef’s pantry has this numerous layered shelving type of units, which can be pulled out and allows you to arrange the contents inside, it also has great efficiency.
  • Wall Cabinet Pantry: It is a type of kitchen cabinet for storage, which can be found in the pantry, has its door combined with its interior shelving.

Top Picks: Kitchen Cabinet for Storage

The timeless kitchen cabinet for storage is on its way out in 2021, good quality and incredible designs hit as we modernize them. Here is some top of kitchen cabinet storage organization product to get you started:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Kings Shaker Kitchen Cabinet

Shaker kitchen doors and cabinets are a type of kitchen unit that highlights a leveled center panel and square edges. Plus, it also has minimal details.

These cabinet designs are mostly symmetrical and shy away from ornamentation and intricate carvings. Furniture in the Shaker style has been running for decades and is one of the known kitchen designs to date.

For many modern styles, most interior designers combine shaker cupboards and drawers. Cabinets of the Shaker type are units that are uniquely simple and attractive.

Recessed panel doors, light finishes, and simple hardware are featured. The furniture designed by the Shakers, who were highly professional craftsmen and carpenters, is replicated by Shaker-style cabinets.

  • Wayfair Rev-a-Shelf

Rev-Shelf offers a collection of kitchen cupboards that has a functional use.

This design can make the cabinets easier to utilize and more effective for your kitchen. It is an undersurface and pull-out shelf built to place around the plumbing sink.

The Rev-A-Shelf is also extremely simple to assemble. All you’ll need is a screwdriver in most cases.

Furthermore, a Rev-A-Shelf kitchen cabinet installation in your kitchen is also simple once assembled because of its easy-to-follow instruction and design.

  • Diamond Cabinets Toe Kick Drawers

A toe kick drawer mounted on the open, and unfinished based of this top of kitchen cabinet storage with trim added to the front is nothing more than a normal cabinet drawer.

Measure your toe kicks’ linear feet, so that you can estimate how much room you might have for storage.

For items that you don’t often use such as baking pans, cookie sheets, utensils, and serving platters then use these drawers.

Push latches are used for several of these drawers, so you can only tap your foot against the drawer and make them glide open, preventing you from crouching down and struggling to open and shut them.

  • IKEA Wall Cabinets

Establishing your dream kitchen means making the most of your space, your walls included.

There are different heights, widths, and shapes for our kitchen wall units and cabinets, so you can select a mix that works for you.

There’s a range of colors, and with drawers in this top of kitchen cabinet storage, you’ll also find options.

The wall cabinets’ weight support and distribution function very differently from that of base cabinets. Its hanging rail and its box frame are the two most important features of a wall cabinet.

A typical wall cabinet is 12 inches wide, but that’s really the only commonality that can be found in the design of kitchen wall cabinets.

  • HGTV Tall Kitchen Cabinets

These top of kitchen cabinet storage are part of many kitchens and are also referred to as cabinets for pantries or utility rooms.

They usually come in standard sizes, but to fit in your room, they can need to be custom-made.

Utilizing double-height kitchen cabinets can create and add more storage in the kitchen with its diverse and elongated design.

However, in order for these cabinet styles to be made longer than their normal size, they would need to be customized. And it can be more expensive than buying a standard kitchen cupboard.

Whether the purpose of these floor-to-ceiling cabinets is to add storage or style, it can provide a brand new feeling and functional space.

Strategic and Smart Kitchen Cabinet Storage

You can find top of kitchen cabinet storage everywhere. Regardless of the room’s size, cabinets are important things in the kitchen.

This kitchen cabinet for storage provides users with great versatility and there are plenty of things to be stored in convenient locations.

To keep you clean, you have a wide range of utensils, cutlery, etc. The days when individuals used boxes and shelves to store their kitchen products are gone.

Nowadays, kitchens have new cabinets that are tailor-made to suit the homeowners’ lifestyle and taste.

As there is no particular specification set for them, kitchen cabinets are highly versatile.

Depending on the room available to you as well as your budget, you can create and change them as you want.


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