Restyling Your Kitchen Cabinets Without Doors

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Many homeowners choose to install kitchen cabinets without doors in their homes to achieve a modern and trendy look. However, some find it hard to maintain them.

Restyling Your Kitchen Cabinet Without Doors

Unlike closed cabinets, kitchen cabinets without doors require utmost commitment to ensure no mess is visible outside.

Since the cupboards occupy the most space, remodeling them can help improve the whole kitchen area.

Here’s how you can update open cabinets without renovating your whole cabinetry.

How to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets Without Doors

If you want your cabinets to be low-maintenance, adding doors would resolve your problem. However, if you wish to fix it in some other ways, you may consider using cabinet door alternatives.

Here are ideas on how you can transform your kitchen cabinets without doors.

  • Shutters

While shutters’ primary purpose is to protect the glass in our house during storms, they can also embellish the kitchen space.

You can install them in your kitchen cabinets without doors. They are often wood-based, making them an even better alternative for cabinet doors.

Shutters can add a twist to the architectural style of your kitchen space because of their distinct design.

For this reason, your kitchen cabinets without doors can be the focal point in your kitchen. They are also easy to paint, so you do not have to worry about them in the long-run.

But just like other alternatives, shutters also have some disadvantages. Cleaning them can require more effort since they can trap grease and other kitchen mishaps.

Although they look attractive, they can ruin the whole ambiance of your space if left uncleaned.

  • Fabric

One of the most commonly used materials in updating kitchen cabinets without doors is fabric. You can easily procure this item since people use it for many purposes.

Using fabric in revamping your open cabinets is fun and easy. You have numerous options in terms of its design and color.

You can better match the interior of your kitchen for this reason. Many people use fabric as a cover because it is easy to clean. You can freely wash it when you accidentally poured a sauce.

Unlike cabinet doors or other alternatives, you do not have to worry about damaging the paint. However, some do not like using them in the kitchen because they offer a lighter visual appeal.

If this does not bother you, you can transform your kitchen cabinet without doors with a soft fabric design.

  • Mirrors

If your kitchen cabinets without doors follow a modern design, using mirrors is your best bet.

They offer a contemporary look to your kitchen space. You can also make the kitchen area look larger when you use mirrors.

These materials can reflect as much light as possible, giving your kitchen an instant facelift.

However, this can also be a disadvantage if the space receives direct sunlight. It can hurt your eyes while cooking or preparing your food.

So make sure to use mirrors in your open cabinets only if you have a dark kitchen. Otherwise, it can be a nuisance.

  • Windows

Your open cabinets can look superb on their own. If you think your cupboards already look elegant but lack the wow factor, there must be a problem with your kitchen lighting.

Sometimes, you can update kitchen cabinets with no doors by allowing more light in your kitchen space.

Installing windows can help you better see the items that you store in your open cabinets. Doing so can also allow you to display dishes that you value the most.

Just make sure to add windows that fit the current design of your kitchen cabinets.

They are also easy to paint, so you can revamp the frame whenever you want. It makes the material more flexible in terms of updating kitchen cabinetry.

However, the dealbreaker with windows is their weight. Check your cabinets first to see if they can handle the windows before installing them.

Or else, you might find your broken dishes scattered everywhere when your cupboards break.

  • Wire Mesh or Screens

We often see screens and wire mesh in other parts of our house and yard. But more than their uses on radiators, porch, and doorways, they can also revamp your kitchen cabinets without doors.

You can easily purchase them because they have a wide variety of sizes and designs.

Using wire mesh can help make your cupboards look superb. If your home has a farmhouse style, it is an even better choice. Screens and mesh offer your kitchen space a country feel.

More than its benefits in terms of appearance, wire mesh and screens can also make airflow better.

When you tuck away your dishes while damp, you do not have to worry about getting molds or mildew. It is also a cost-effective solution to cover your kitchen cabinet without doors.

But before you purchase these materials, make sure that your home’s interior would perfectly match them.

Although they look great in industrial and farmhouse-style kitchens, they are not a great option for classic or bohemian space.

How to organize your open cabinets

Kitchen cabinets no doors can be quite challenging to arrange. Unlike closed cabinets, you cannot tuck away everything on them (unless you care less about the appearance of your cabinetry).

Open cabinets are for store and display purposes. You can organize your kitchen cabinets no doors in many different ways.

Here are ideas on how you should do it.

  • Based on usefulness

Kitchen cabinets no doors should have a specific kind of order to look beautiful on the outside.

Arranging kitchen items based on usefulness is the standard rule when it comes to open cabinets. You should put heavily used kitchen essentials on the lowest cupboard.

Rarely used items should be on the highest kitchen cabinets no doors. Not only does this arrangement make your cupboards look great, but it also makes things more accessible in the kitchen.

You should also make sure that similar dishes are in the kitchen cabinets no doors.

If you put alternating ones, it can ruin the look of your kitchen space. Doing so makes the arrangement chaotic.

  • Based on color

Another way to organize a kitchen cabinet no doors is to arrange it by color.

When you do this, you can enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen space. Putting green spices together is a great example.

When the color coordination in your kitchen cabinet no doors is outstanding, the whole room looks beautiful too.

Just make sure to research thoroughly on great color combinations before rearranging your items. Doing so can prevent you from going in circles.

  • Based on kind

Of course, organizing a kitchen cabinet no doors based on the kind is excellent.

When dishes go together, you can easily locate them when needed. The same goes for cooking pans, pots, and more.

More than accessibility, arrangement based on the kind also makes your kitchen cabinet no doors more visually appealing. A great example is forks and spoons in a small container.

Put them on the open cabinets and see how well they blend with the overall layout of your kitchen cabinetry.

  • Using pocket containers

The list of ways on how to organize a kitchen cabinet no doors is not complete without the pocket containers.

When kitchen items clutter, placing them on the cupboards is not ideal. However, if all cabinets at home are open-style, you have no other choice.

To arrange the cupboards, you should place small kitchen items in pocket containers. Just make sure that the ones you buy would not ruin the entire look of your open cabinets.

We suggest purchasing the flattest container that you can find to ensure they blend well with your cupboards.

  • Never store food items on open cabinets

Food items easily clutter so storing them on a kitchen cabinet without doors is not the best step to take.

Storing them elsewhere will be much better for the appearance of your kitchen space. Put your fruits and vegetables in respective bowls, instead of placing them on cupboards.

But of course, there are exceptions in terms of the food items. If you have matching containers for flour, tea, etc, you may put them on cupboards for a better display.

While this is possible, it can be hard to pull off. So make sure to plan everything out before taking them out of their original storage spots.

Once done, match them with the current design of your cabinets.

Various Options for Kitchen Cabinets Without Doors

Kitchen cabinets without doors may be trendy, but they can be high-maintenance. Hence, you should know different ways on how to arrange them.

If you know the alternatives to kitchen cabinet doors, you can easily revamp them whichever way you want.

Just keep in mind to use only the materials that match the architectural style of your home or kitchen.

Otherwise, all your efforts will go to waste.


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