Kitchen Cabinet at Lowe’s | Beautiful Design Choices

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Daydreaming of neat and organized kitchenware has become every mother’s episode in their idle times whenever they’re cooking.

Kitchen Cabinet at Lowe's | Beautiful Design Choices

And one thing that a family could do to make their “light of the home” shine a brighter smile is by buying an excellent kitchen cabinet.

There could be a kitchen cabinet at Lowe’s that provides ease in organizing kitchen stuff perfect to your liking.

So a guide to answering your questions on those top-tier cabinets is provided just for you.

Can You Find a Kitchen Cabinet at Lowe’s?

Yes! The market of kitchen cabinets lowe’s vs home depot has been growing for decades of innovation. Lowe’s kitchen cabinets reviews are popping off internet charts.

But the question of what type of kitchen cabinet to buy has been bothering the house building community countlessly. Here, it is a must that you should know how you like to see your own comfortable kitchen space.

The structure of the kitchen is also very crucial when choosing the best kitchen cabinets at lowe’s prices.

Color and theme for the desired kitchen cabinet are factors that you must not miss to think about too. You may be asking what if there is no available stock in Lowe’s that I like?

Then fret not because the best ones are customizable. From your timeline of choice up to the budget cap, there is one perfect kitchen cabinet at Lowe’s that’s for you.

Purchase-ready Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Time is the enemy if you are hurrying to buy a good kitchen cabinet. Production of these high-quality kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s would need time for them to make the optimal cabinet for your kitchen.

But don’t worry because kitchen cabinets of various styles are available for in-purchase pick-up and delivery.

You could find a spectrum of kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s. Aside from the brand, they also depend on the location of the cabinet in your kitchen.

The usual cabinets that are ready to install are base, wall, and pantry kitchen cabinets. There are also cabinets for corners and sink bases, all designed for multipurpose storage.

When it comes to the color choice, purchase-ready cabinets are available in white or off-white, gray, brown, and unfinished.

Such selection houses four brands of kitchen cabinets lowe’s vs home depot that are usually fully-assembled or could be ready-to-assemble.

They are the Cambridge, Design House, Diamond NOW, and Project Source. All brands vary tiers depending on what type of kitchen cabinet you want.

Specific brands like Diamond NOW and Hugo&Borg offer different styles for unique designs of the kitchen.

Diamond NOW Variations

For Diamond NOW cabinetry, they have various choices to offer depending on what style are you in. Also, a personal choice of cabinets could be made possible using their Diamond NOW Room Planner wherein you can customize your own design.

Aside from that, you can order your stock cabinets directly with this tool on their website. You can shop a kitchen cabinet at Lowe’s by starting to look at their own stock kitchen cabinet collections.

  • Diamond NOW Arcadia

The Arcadia of Diamond NOW is a well-renowned style of the best kitchen cabinets at Lowe’s which has many positive lowe’s kitchen cabinets reviews available on the Internet.

It matches every type of house you can spot on and differentiate with their timelines.

The polishing details of the composition are finished with a stain-resistant and durable overlay design called Diamond TrueColor.

  • Diamond NOW Wintucket

Known for its flexibility, this fashionable system of cabinets has been perfected in its neutral gray hue. It is easy to clean too because of the Diamond TrueColor overlay.

  • Diamond NOW Denver

This is also one of the famous lines of Lowe’s kitchen cabinets because of its aesthetic natural wood color. Patterns are kind of evident to see if you are into intricate designs and distinct characters.

  • Diamond NOW Caspian

Just like the previous styles, this is also designed with a Diamond TrueColor finish for ease of cleaning. This is considered to be one of the royalties among the present styles because of its premium elegance.

  • Diamond NOW Weyburn

If you’re the kind of homeowner that is into the classics, well, a warm design like Weyburn’s can initiate a healthy atmosphere conducive for deep contemplations. Also, this is a good choice for homes within the woods of the community.

  • Diamond NOW Portland

An island in the center and a raised panel door to highlight the premium designs featured in Portland. The ever-demanded slab drawer front and slight overlays are inclusive of this line.

  • Diamond NOW Stowe

Another classic, the Stowe design has attracted customers for its trendy brown and gray scheme. This canvas is perfect for minimalists who look for elegance within.

Semi-custom and custom cabinets

At Lowe’s, there is also a service for customizing your very own kitchen cabinet. Lowe’s kitchen cabinets reviews state remarkable transactions and excellent feedback on the designs.

Lowe’s guarantees that customized kitchen cabinets lowe’s vs home depot do arrive in two to four weeks and are budget-friendly.

This warehouse loves to provide a chance for their customers to personalize their kitchen looks.

Lowe’s provides an in-store or virtual consultation for their customers to plan the looks of their kitchen to the overall look of the house.

Working with their consulting team has been easy as pie according to testimonies.

The team can know what your kitchen needs remodeling and they can envision at the quickest time what is the best new look for it.

Whenever you design your kitchen, there are crucial tips to take note of, providing you an idea of how your kitchen would look like after a major retouch.

  • Linear kitchens are highly recommended if you lack space for a good-looking kitchen. This system of kitchen cabinets lowe’s vs home depot optimizes the use of space so to leave you some more for other furniture or appliances.
  • Parallel kitchens on the other hand look good if a door and window are opposite to each other. This works well with kitchen areas of limited space.
  • L-shaped kitchens are the new architectural innovations for those who wish to extend their kitchens by the corner.
  • Island installation is a very good move to do if you have a wide center floor in your kitchen area, catering you some working space.
  • U-shaped kitchens also work well with kitchens of large areas.

How are Kitchen Cabinets at Lowe’s manufactured?

Let’s talk about the construction of the kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s. Unlike the usual cabinets that are made locally or by the Home Depot, cabinets at Lowe’s are made from excellent wood frames.

They use the type of wood that lasts a lifetime before wanting to have some slight retouches.

As mentioned earlier, kitchen cabinets lowe’s vs home depot offer tough woodwork on their products. One of the most popular brands with this kind of review is Diamond NOW.

This line of kitchen cabinets has sturdy drawers made out of premium-class wood. Also, Diamond NOW cabinets have been known for their mid to high-tier construction of products.

The use of fiberboards for the cabinets has been revolutionized since cheap pieces of furniture that are long-lasting were in-demand for a long time.

Such use of furniture boards has been advantageous not only to the manufacturers but also to the clients.

It may have lesser withholding strength than a number of types of wood but innovation made it sure to prevent time-bound humidity and swelling.

Screws are of top quality whenever we talk about Lowe’s kitchen cabinets. Even though you assemble the components yourself, you can be assured of pre-drilled holes that can give you ease.

And even though you add some holes to your boards, they are too thick enough not to chip the exterior. Lastly, up-to-date models of the Diamond NOW line uses dovetail joinery.

Same as through with the other brands present at Lowe’s, specs like under-mount drawer slides, solid wood doors and frames, soft-close hinges, and construction with complete plywood are all present.

You can really assure that all kitchen cabinet lines at Lowe’s are high-end in terms of construction.

How people appreciated Lowe’s Kitchen Cabinets

Several lowe’s kitchen cabinets reviews are available online on how has Lowe’s been exemplary in the field of cabinetry.

According to the Business Bureau (BBB), Lowe’s is an A+ rated warehouse for shelter improvement.

Aside from a super minimal number of unsatisfied ratings, kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s received substantial feedback on their friendly workforce.

Are cabinets from Lowe’s affordable?

If we are going to discuss the money involved in buying a grandiose kitchen cabinet at Lowe’s, then it’s a no-brainer thread ahead.

Prices of different kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s aren’t that cheap to be discarded as an option yet are not too expensive as well.

Let’s take for instance the Diamond NOW cabinets. They usually start from $200. It’s considered to be affordable for a common household because the components used are cheap yet sturdy fiberboards.

Comparing their prices from other popular warehouses will make you say kitchen cabinets lowe’s vs home depot are affordable.

Are their products legit and of high-quality?

There is no need to be curious if buying the best kitchen cabinets at Lowe’s prices will be worth generations because the high-quality production already tells so.

You can let your mama load in heavy kitchenware inside the cabinets even without making a crack on the hardware.

Even hand-carry appliances can be housed inside these cabinets without the cabinet collapsing.

Are there disadvantages of purchasing from Lowe’s?

There might be a long list of benefits if you’re going to purchase a kitchen cabinet at Lowe’s but we cannot deny that consequences are also possible.

The products are really good but we can say that there could be room for improvements.

Disadvantages might not be on the product itself but these are some of the things we must watch out for whenever we remodel our kitchen cabinets with Lowe’s.

  • Technical assistance

While we have mentioned the extensive use of virtual consultations with their own team, we can’t odd out the customers’ experience with technicalities.

There is really a big hindrance between their technical assistance program and the knowledge of the customer on technology.

  • Lowe’s Staff assistance

There are few reviews stating that Lowe’s staff are not that knowledgeable on their products specification.

A remedy to this is to directly ask for their consulting team because the construction specialists know better than those of the sales personnel.

Working on Your Kitchen’s Design

We should take note that spending money on kitchen cabinets would be challenging, but at the same time, worth it. They have been valued by many people, but have also been described as exhausting because of the endless search for the ideal item.

Maybe one of the best features of the overall service of Lowe’s in selling kitchen cabinets is their open consultation for customization.

The freedom that we have in determining the cabinets, drawers, and other accessories is helpful.

It gives the customer the opportunity to really examine his/her current home and let them decide on what they think best fits their persona.

You can verify the truth behind the sales by reading Lowe’s kitchen cabinets reviews and testimonies.

Its assembly features are also user-friendly, giving the client ease in putting the components into one whole useable product. With that, families can save fees intended for installation or delivery!

Let us all remember that we can still have a decent kitchen without extravagantly spending a lot of money on such furniture.

One can look on the Internet and find various sellers selling affordable cabinetry.

But if you want to make your mama happy with her kitchen, the best kitchen cabinets at Lowe’s prices are absolute gifts to be cherished eternally!


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