Should I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets | A Question Finally Answered!

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Often times we pondered, Should I paint my kitchen cabinets? And why not since this is the most common question asked online.

Should I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets | A Question Finally Answered!

Painting kitchen cabinets is a challenge for every homeowner, especially if they have little to no painting experience.

While painting on your own may be time- and cost-effective, you need to learn more about painting kitchen cabinets, aside from a viral post on social media.

Should I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets?

To answer this question, you need to assess and evaluate yourself based on your skills, knowledge, and experience in painting.

There are also different expectations and work to do if you want to achieve an Instagram-worthy kitchen cabinet at home.

The phrase “should I paint my kitchen cabinets” cannot only be answered by a mere yes or no.

Here are the points you need to consider before you venture into a DIY painting of your kitchen cabinets:

Full Commitment

Painting kitchen cabinets are not a free-time activity to relieve your stress. This work is not a lazy Sunday afternoon project.

Painting them takes around three to seven days to get the job properly done. Kitchen cabinets have at least ten cabinet doors and drawers, sometimes even at least 50.

Removing cabinet doors and drawers is a must when painting kitchen cabinets.

If you paint them in place, chances are your newly-painted kitchen cabinets and the hardware attached to them will chip and wear in less than a month.

If that’s the case, you have to disassemble everything immediately, then sand and soak the hardware.

Having The Right Materials

The next thing you need to consider is, should I paint my kitchen cabinets with the available materials at home?

Aside from skills, it also takes the right materials in painting kitchen cabinets flawlessly. Professional painters use professional equipment, such as spray paint, to have an even and smooth finish.

Other experienced painters or interior designers use high-quality brushes for faux finishes. Primers are also the most essential ingredient to have a sleek finish for your kitchen cabinets.

In buying paint primers, you may need to shell some cash because the primers primarily do the job of keeping the paint from cracking or swelling the wood.

To summarize how should I paint my kitchen cabinets, I’ll need these essentials:

  • Primer to prevent the surface from swelling when the paint cured
  • Brushes (synthetic brush for latex paint and natural-bristled brush for oil-based paint)
  • Sandpaper to let the paint stick onto the surface
  • High-quality paint
  • Painter’s tripod or anything to elevate the cabinets before painting

Setting Expectations to a Minimum

This is the reckoning point of all prospective DIY painters. Painted kitchen cabinets will not always look smooth.

Some kitchen cabinets have visible grains, and even if you painted them, they still appear when the paint dries.

Before you start painting, consider asking yourself, “should I paint my kitchen cabinets even if grains will appear over time?” If you don’t mind them, then it would not be much of a problem.

Otherwise, you can apply putty first before sanding and priming the surface. It is time-intensive, but it’s a guarantee that the grains will disappear in a jiffy!

Expect For Touch-Ups

Mishaps are inevitable. Scratching, dents, nicks, etc., are the most common culprits in damaging your kitchen cabinet.

If your kitchen cabinets are not painted well enough, expect that you will need to touch them up with leftover paint on the damaged parts.

If you possess all of the points mentioned, then you can start painting your kitchen cabinet!

Otherwise, a professional painter may be necessary to paint the kitchen cabinets successfully.

Solid Wood Doesn’t Mean It’s Good

A homeowner once said, “I love my oak cabinets because of their rustic design. But should I paint my oak kitchen cabinets when it starts to look bad?”

Grains in oak cabinets cause frustration to every homeowner. You can paint oak cabinets to have a refreshing look to your grainy oak cabinet.

Before starting, consider what condition should I paint my oak kitchen cabinets. If you see that there are dents or damages, then you have them repaired first.

Remember that refinishing solid wood cabinets are not only labor-intensive but also expensive.

Painting oak is a tough challenge yet very satisfying. But how should I paint my oak kitchen cabinets the right way?

Here are some tips and tricks you can work on your oak cabinets.

Lessen the Grain

As mentioned earlier, oak cabinets have defined grains, which can be distracting for some homeowners. To minimize this problem, apply three coats of primer to your oak cabinet.

However, this step may be time and labor-intensive. That’s why professional painters recommend using a sanding sealer before painting.

Sanding sealers help prevent the grain from bleeding through the primer and the paint. Hence, minimizing their appearance.

Remove the Grain Altogether

If you want to remove all the grain, ask for help from professionals. They use grain fillers and putty products to solve this problem.

Take note that this may also take a longer time to finish the whole process, and not ideal on how should I paint my oak kitchen cabinets on my own especially if it’s the first time.

Painting Method: Brush Paint or Spray Paint?

Now you may be wondering, should I paint my oak kitchen cabinets using a spray gun or a brush? Some homeowners prefer using a spray gun for the following reasons:

  • Spray gun gives a professional and factory finish.
  • It doesn’t leave any brush marks.
  • It reaches areas inside and at the edge of the cabinets.

You can use a spray gun if the following advantages above are what you’re aiming for.

If you don’t have anything to worry about in your cabinet, then you can paint the oak cabinets by hand.

Should I Paint The Inside of my Kitchen Cabinets?

Your kitchen cabinet may look sleek and posh on the outside, but when you open them, the inside looks like a horrible mess.

So, should I paint the inside of my kitchen cabinets? The short answer is yes, but it is not necessary.

The insides of your cabinet are usually protected from any grease, grime, and oil vapors. The exteriors of the cabinet are needed to be taken care of most of the time.

But if you have glass cabinet doors or open shelves, then you may need to paint the inside of your cabinets to look neat.

This part is tricky, but here is how should I paint the inside of my kitchen cabinets.

  • Remove Doors and Drawers

This first step is a no-brainer. How should I paint the inside of my kitchen cabinets if doors and drawers are going in my way?

Unless you have open shelves, this step is necessary so the paint will look even after.

  • Clean The Surface

Once you’re done removing doors and drawers, it’s time to clean the inside thoroughly.

Use a damp cloth to remove any dust. Professional painters and designers always remind their clients not to paint on dirty surfaces.

  • Different Colors

Some are quirky with designing and painting their kitchen cabinets, like painting a different color inside.

You may be wondering – should I paint the inside of the kitchen cabinets white, yellow, or beige? It’s definitely up to you!

Painting a different color from the exterior part of the kitchen cabinet adds contrast.

It will also look great, especially on open shelves!

  • Start at the Bottom

The best way to paint the insides is to start at the bottom of the shelf. This helps determine if the paint you chose blends well with the entire cabinet.

After painting the bottom, it’s time to paint the sides, then work your way up to the top shelf. In painting the edges inside, be sure to use a dabbing motion, so the creases are covered.

Once you’re done, you can seal the paint using a water-based polyacrylic finish.

  • When In Doubt, Spray or Roll

If you’re having a hard time reaching the edges of the cabinet, using a spray gun can do the trick. The spray gun can give you the fastest results while leaving an even and smoother finish.

But if you don’t have any spray gun, the roller works wonders as well!

Are You Ready to Paint?

So, should I paint my kitchen cabinets? Yes! If you took note of the pointers mentioned earlier, then you’re good to go.

Painting your kitchen cabinets saves money, and you can choose whenever you want to paint. However, you have to be fully committed and patient while doing this.

But if you’re not a seasoned painter or you don’t have the luxury of time, it’s better to leave the job to professional painters.

Good luck and enjoy painting!


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