How Much Paint for Kitchen Cabinets | Proper Estimation

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Are you planning to reinvent your kitchen space? When painting your kitchen cabinets is one of the best solutions. It can breathe new life into your home interior efficiently.

How Much Paint for Kitchen Cabinets | Proper Estimation

However, some neglect the importance of calculating how much paint for kitchen cabinets will be needed.

Even if you are painting the cabinets only, it would still be better to know how much paint for kitchen cabinets will be consumed.

Going to the paint store repeatedly to buy paints can be time-consuming and inconvenient.

With that being said, it would be vital to get an estimate of how many gallons of paint for kitchen cabinets will be used.

How Much Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Painting the home interior yourself is a tremendous job. It is still possible, and we will go through each step here.

We will give you some tips and helpful ideas to successfully estimate how much paint for kitchen cabinets you needed to buy and use.

It is essential to plan and know how many gallons of paint you would consume. It will be time-efficient and cost-effective to buy a gallon of colors in one transaction only.

You should reserve and use your time painting your cabinet instead of making multiple trips to a store.

  • Paint Calculation

To estimate how much paint for kitchen cabinets you have to use, doing simple and math is needed.

First, measure the surface of your desired cabinet in square footage. Remember that one gallon of paint is equivalent to 350 square feet.

Diligently measure the length, width, and height of your cabinet, including every nook and cranny. The surface area must include all the outer areas of the cabinet.

You can also include the inner area if you really desire to enhance your cabinet’s overall appearance.

  • Consider the Number of Coats

Typically, you will need to double coat your cabinet when painting. Tip: If the base color is darker, you will need to add more coats to achieve a lighter look.

It means that you will coat your cabinet up to triple times! So choose wisely about the color you want to use.

Another tip for you: Add a tint, closest to the color you want to use for the topcoat, to the primer. It will help you attain an even and better coverage on the surface of your cabinet.

It will also lessen the number of coats you need to apply.

Estimated Cost of Different Paints

If you are done calculating how many gallons of paint for kitchen cabinets you need, you must now proceed on what kind of paint and how much every gallon of it costs.

A gallon of paint ranges between 24 to 120 dollars per gallon, depending on its class and type.

  • Flat Finish Paint

The cheapest paint you can see out there in the flat. It cost between 27 to 40 dollars. The flat paint offers higher mineral content and features a minimal shine for the surface.

It also gives you an even and rich coat. It also masks your cabinet’s flaws and imperfection, though it makes the finish less durable. Note that the fewer the mineral contents, the glossier the paint is.

What is great about this flat paint is its absorbing nature, which helps you hide stains and dirt.

Perfect to use around the kitchen, where ingredients can scatter around the area, which can eventually look quite messy. Its matte finish also helps you apply it more comfortably than any other paint.

  • Eggshell Finish Paint

If you want an even shinier than flat, you might want to consider buying eggshell.

Upon applying, you can quickly tell that it has a little gloss, similar to the chicken’s egg that explains why it is called “eggshell”. Its price ranges from 24 to 40 dollars per gallon.

When it comes to durability level, eggshell lies between flat and satin paint. The best choice if you want your cabinet and kitchen to look more formal.

  • Satin Finish Paint

You might want to choose satin painting if you want your kitchen to have a touch of elegance. It is perfect to use in your kitchen cabinet.

Better than flat and eggshell paint as it can take occasional scrubbing for you to clean off the dirt. Remember that satin painting is shinier than the two points mentioned above.

It will help you quickly notice dirt, damage, and imperfection of your cabinet. However, you can immediately repair it.

You can purchase it from 29 to 42 dollars per painting.

  • Semi-Gloss Finish Paint

Semi-gloss painting is one of the best options you have. Well suited to use in your kitchen cabinet as it is resistant to moisture.

In addition to that, its reflective nature also increases the visibility of dirt. It is easier for you to clean up the splattered oil and grease.

It cost between 33 and 56 dollars each gallon of paint. Learning how many gallons of paint for kitchen cabinets can help you in determining how much it can cost you.

Furthermore, you can freely scrub and use damp cloths to wipe out all the stains.

  • High-Gloss Finish Paint

If you prefer to have durable paint, I can highly recommend that you use high-gloss paint to finish your cabinet. It is more reflective and shiny than semi-gloss.

It will make your kitchen look more stylish and pleasing. Its reflective appearance, almost mirror-like, highlights your kitchen to be spotless and clean.

High-gloss ranges from 30 to 120 dollars per gallon. Always choose the best paint to use for the kitchen cabinet. Do not be afraid to buy extra.

Keep in mind to have an extra gallon as a reserve, and remember that additional coating makes it last longer.

Tips and Tricks: Maximize Kitchen Cabinet Paints

Of course, we don’t want to paint and just waste them. As much as possible, we want to optimize the usage of the paints.

After knowing how much paint for kitchen cabinets you need to use per square meter of your cabinets, you should also learn how to use the stains and finish the job correctly.

  • Choose the right type and color of the paint. It can cost you more if the paint’s formula does not suit your cabinetry. Furthermore, consider the kitchen’s overall theme in choosing the color for your kitchen cabinets.
  • Remove the hinges, screws, and knobs. It would help you entirely paint the cabinets on a clean slate. By removing unnecessary hardware attached to your cabinets, you can ensure that you paint them evenly.
  • Utilize sandpapers and cleaning tools. Prevent wasting your paints by sanding the wood surface. It can help in creating a smooth surface. Another thing, you should also clean the debris and dust from sanding.
  • Use a primer. Recently, there is a hype wherein primer is integrated into paints. You might see priming as an extra job, but it can save the cabinet’s finish look. Primer can deliver a stable surface and cover up previous stains.
  • Prepare the necessary materials. Whether you are deciding to spray paint or brush paint, you need to acquire the materials required.
    Because you already know how much paint for kitchen cabinets you need, optimize it by buying high-quality spray paint tools or separate brushes and rollers for painting and priming.
  • Apply the paint in light coats. This technique can prevent the dripping of paint since you are applying for light coverage only. It also ensures that you are painting the surfaces evenly. Painting requires patience and time, but it also prevents you from repainting again and again.

Paint The Right Way

Painting may look easy for handy DIYers. But for some, who are just starting to do DIYs, it can be a challenging task.

In this guide, you will learn the paints that can go a long way with little amounts and are durable.

These factors can affect how much paint for kitchen cabinets will be utilized for your kitchen transformation.

Hopefully, by presenting this know-how, you can maximize your paint cost-efficiently. Ensure the quality and buy extra if needed.

Take note that kitchen renovation does not need to be expensive.  We can get it correctly by painting the right way.


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