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Using Kitchen Cabinet Handles and Knobs to Highlight Your Kitchen

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Beautifying your home involves decision-making from the large to smallest details, such as the kitchen cabinet handles and knobs. In choosing the handles and knobs, factors, such as cabinet styles and placement, are considered.

Using Kitchen Cabinet Handles and Knobs to Highlight Your Kitchen

Read more on this article if you wish to learn more about handles and knobs.

Are Kitchen Cabinet Handles and Knobs Essential

Your kitchen is a vital part of your house because you, your family and friends, spend a lot of time there. The design of your kitchen should cater to your needs; thus, its functionality is significant.

Equipment, such as cabinets and kitchen appliances, need careful decisions because even the smallest things can make a big impact.

There are a variety of choices in the market when it comes to kitchen cabinet knobs or handles. Aside from its style, its size and functionality are significant factors that you need to consider too.

These are some topics that we will know more about as we tackle this delicate topic.

Importance of Kitchen Cabinet Handles and Knobs

Your kitchen cabinet handles and knobs are examples of the small details that will make the area stylish and functional. These materials can contribute to the overall design of your kitchen, especially that they are noticeable.

If you visit the stores, you’ll see a vast selection of kitchen cabinet knobs and handles. They are categorized depending on their shape, style, and finishes.

The price of handles and knobs differ based on the material used. Knobs are less expensive than handles because it is smaller in size.

However, if the knobs are made of crystals, their costs will most likely be higher than usual.

In deciding whether you’ll use kitchen cabinets handles or knobs, the style of your storage is a crucial factor. Read more on how you can choose the right handle and knob for your kitchen cabinet.

Handles and Knobs for Different Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Choosing among all the choices of kitchen cabinet handles and knobs will cost you time and energy. If you are currently building or renovating your house.

Here are some tips on choosing the right kitchen cabinet handles and knobs.

  • Shaker Style Cabinets

The shaker style cabinets are the most commonly used by people. These cabinets are simple in design and are frequently installed with round knobs.

For those who use this style but are undecided on kitchen cabinets handles or knobs, you can use either of them. Even though knobs are used, handles, such as vintage, tubular, and flat bar pulls, can be used as well.

  • Flat Paneled Cabinets

Flat paneled cabinets are found in contemporary or modern kitchens. For this style, people use handles, specifically flat bar pulls, recessed pulls, and discreet tab pulls.

If you are looking for kitchen cabinet knobs and handles with a minimalist design, you can try the discreet tab pulls.

  • Inset Cabinets

Inset cabinets have their hinges exposed. Thus, if you are buying kitchen cabinet knobs and handles, make sure to choose the one that matches the hinges.

  • Distressed Cabinets

Distressed cabinets are rustic in style. It gives off a vintage or antique feel due to its colors and design. For this style, it is best to use rustic knobs or bronzed handles.

  • Louvered Cabinets

Similar to the shaker-style cabinets, louvered cabinets often use knobs. However, you can also use handles for this cabinet style.

Since this cabinet is simple in design, having a classic handle or knob will complement it.

  • Beadboard Cabinets

Beadboard cabinets give off a cottage-chic vibe. Using cup handles or knobs will fit in the theme of this cabinet style.

Placement Guide for Kitchen Handles and Knobs

Now that you know which kitchen cabinet knobs or handles you can use in different cabinet styles, let us move on to its placement guide.

Familiarizing yourself with their proper placement will save you time while installing them.

  • Knobs

When people install knobs on their kitchen cabinets, they initially position them at the corners. It is a common mistake because the knobs should be positioned a bit farther from the door’s edge.

When installing a knob, you can initially position it at the center of the corner. After that, move the knob upward or downward.

For tall cabinets, you can place the knob further vertically from the edge.

  • Handles

Similar to knobs, handles are installed vertically. It is recommended to leave some space between the handle and the edge of the cabinet door.

The distance between the knob and the edge should be 2 ½ inches. The placement of kitchen cabinet knobs and handles is crucial because it should be reachable as possible.

Now, let us move on to choosing between kitchen cabinets handles or knobs and dive deep into its pros and cons.

Choosing Between Handles and Knobs

People give their sentiments regarding kitchen cabinets knobs vs handles that can be useful for you as well.

The knobs and handles are vital parts of the cabinet, and their functionality may be influenced by different factors. Such factors are your needs, budget, kitchen design, convenience, and more.

To give you a clearer picture of kitchen cabinets knobs vs handles, below are their uses and their pros and cons.

Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Kitchen cabinet handles are easy to install since it only requires two screws. There are different types of handles available in the market.

Here are the types of handles that can be found in stores.

  • Arch Pulls
  • Bar Pulls
  • Bail / Drop Handle Pull
  • Bin Pulls / Cup Pulls
  • Birdcage
  • Ring Pulls

The length of handles also differs, but it ranges from three to four inches. Note that the handle’s length is crucial because it can affect the overall functionality of your cabinet.

To help you decide on kitchen cabinets knobs vs handles, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a handle.


  • Handles are easy to grab. Since handles come in bigger sizes compared to knobs, holding them will not be a problem.
  • It can serve as a cloth holder. For handles positioned horizontally, you can place a cloth on them, making them more functional.


  • It is expensive. Handles are more expensive than knobs. The price is influenced by many factors, such as the material used.

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

On the other side of kitchen cabinets knobs vs handles, let us see if using knobs is the one for you. Similar to handles, knobs are also easy to install. It also comes in different sizes and shapes.

The cost of knobs depends on the materials used. To help you familiarize yourself with this hardware.

Here are some of the common materials used in creating knobs.

  • Marble
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Zinc
  • Crystal
  • Stainless Steel
  • Stone Brass

Moreover, here are the pros and cons of using knobs for your kitchen cabinets. It will also help you determine which is best for you between kitchen cabinets knobs vs handles.


  • Knobs come in different sizes, shapes, and forms. Given the materials mentioned above, you can easily match the knobs with the theme of your kitchen. In some stores, you can even have your knobs customized depending on your needs.
  • It is budget-friendly. Generally, knobs are cheaper than handles. However, if you opt to purchase those made from crystals, or have them customized, expect that the price will be higher.


  • Knobs are harder to grab. Knobs are smaller than handles, so it might be harder to hold it for some. People with disabilities or arthritis might have an issue with using knobs.
  • Knobs can be hard to clean. Some knobs are complicated in their design, which makes them hard to clean. Maintaining its cleanliness might be a challenge, so people tend to replace them quickly.

Kitchen Cabinet Handles & Knobs Makes a Big Difference

Kitchen cabinet handles and knobs are some of the essential hardware in our home. It contributes to the overall design of the house, and it increases the functionality of our furniture.

Many people say that you can use either the handle or knob as long as it caters to your needs.

I believe that if we want our home to have a specific feel or aura, we need to look at it from its smallest to the biggest details.

It may be challenging at first, but I’m sure that we will get the hang of it in one way or another.

Make your kitchen a place where your family feels comfortable by making your furniture and appliances easy to use.

Regardless of choosing a handle or a knob, we hope that we helped you achieve your dream kitchen.


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